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Steve “Rex Silverback” Wrona

“Jails, institutions and death but not necessarily in that order.” Being in long-term sobriety, Steve Wrona considers himself fortunate to have found recovery before paying the ultimate price that addiction demands: His life. “Through out my career, I’ve always worked in the function of care or aid for vulnerable people. Personally, I see it as my obligation to help those who are suffering with addiction as I did, and to find the same joy that I have found in recovery.” In addition to learning through his own life experiences, his knowledge in the addiction and recovery field extends farther than many. Steve spent five years employed at Her Majesty’s Young Offender Institute (HMYOI) in Warren Hill, England. While working within this youth prison system, he also wrote for consultative panels and developed laws nationally. Wrona has been working in the Addictions/Mental Health field for 20+ years and aligns himself with the AA and NA Recovery fellowships.