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Franklin “Frankie” Holmes

“I am co-founder and owner of Fuck Heroin Foundation. In November of 2012, I moved to Florida. I hated the world, didn’t trust anyone, and couldn’t be trusted myself. I was a fucking mess. I overdosed four times in one month before I was ready to become willing to begin my own recovery…my addiction took me places I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies, but I was willing and ready to try something else. I knew anything had to be better than dirty needles, bleach, abandoned buildings and jail. So, I got active in a twelve step program and started working with other addicts. One of my best friends recently celebrated his five year anniversary – his coin says, ‘no addict seeking help shall die.’ I live by that motto. I started this foundation with my mother to help raise awareness for addiction and those in need, and to offer hope and inspiration. Our goal is to have a treatment center for anyone in need regardless of financial status or insurance. We save lives and want to end this epidemic. If nobody told you they love you, I do. One love.”